Little Bums Diaper Cream

Little Bums Diaper Cream

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Your baby's bum is a very delicate area - why would you want to use those commercial diaper creams that are loaded with toxins and artificial ingredients? These synthetic ingredients often irritate the very skin you are trying to protect, especially if your baby has sensitive skin. Keep those toxic chemicals off of your baby's bum!

This completely natural and super-effective diaper cream is actually made entirely with edible ingredients (as most of our products are). 

The calendula, shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils will soothe and nourish baby's skin to help it look and feel better fast! These same ingredients will help skin remain clear when used at every diaper change. 

The kaolin clay and arrowroot powder are gentle ingredients that help to absorb excess moisture.

The beeswax forms a light barrier on the skin to protect it from wetness.

This cream can also be used around the face/neck/chest area when baby is drooling a lot (skin can get irritated from the excess moisture) or anywhere on minor skin irritations. 

Cloth-diaper safe!!!!   This is a light formula, not a heavy can't-get-it-off formula like some of those others creams.  No color is left behind; the cream disappears into the skin. The light aroma (think Roman Chamomile) smells terrific!  

Check out our Teething Relief and Baby Bellies Digestive Blend Roll-ons also - or bundle all 3 in our Baby Wellness Package for a reduced price!  Makes a great baby shower gift.  

Note: This product melts in hot temperatures; this does not change the effectiveness.

 To Use: Apply often to affected area until skin has cleared.  Use at every diaper change to keep skin healthy and provide a light moisture barrier. 

Ingredients: Calendula-infused shea butter and coconut oil, kaolin clay, beeswax, arrowroot powder, roman chamomile, lavender

2-ounce reusable blue glass jar

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