Bath Oil Blend - Aches & Pains

Bath Oil Blend - Aches & Pains

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For those times when your body tells you that you have worked too hard and you are feeling it. Add these oils to a warm bath and feel restored - almost like it never even happened!

Enough for 15-30 baths depending on how much you use per bath. 

Contains the same essential oil blend found in Jules' Amazing Relief Cream.  

To Use Use 10-20 drops per bath. For children, use 5-10 drops per bath. Works best when added directly onto Epsom salts before putting into water (allow a few minutes for the oils to absorb into the salts). Can also be added directly into bath water. 

Ingredients:  Fractionated coconut oil, essential oil blend (frankincense, copaiba, lemongrass, and marjoram)

10ml blue glass bottle with dropper top

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