Essential Oils

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Essential oils:                                                   

  • Have been used since ancient Egyptian times for health, wellness, and beauty.
  • Work with the body on a cellular level to help minimize symptoms AND address root causes
  • Are made of natural compounds found in plants that enhance physical and emotional health
  • Offer safe benefits without side effects
  • Cost pennies per dose, avoid time/money spent at doctor’s visits
  • 50-70 times more powerful than herbs
  • Inhibit the growth of bacteria and virus (they can cross through the cell membrane)  
  • Are the plant’s own natural medicine cabinet; they work the same for us
    • Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™(CPTG™) is beyond organic, verified pure, free of fillers, pesticides and foreign contaminants
    • Plants grown and harvested in their natural (indigenous) habitat
    • Each liter of oil undergoes multiple 3rd party laboratory tests
    • Tests ensure oils are pure, genuine, authentic, and potent
    • dōTERRA® is trusted by millions of families worldwide (including our own)!
    • We love dōTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing practices which cares for the growers, their families and the communities, with a focus on quality and sustainability. (Click here for more info)

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