Jules' Amazing Roll-On Relief

Jules' Amazing Roll-On Relief

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Containing the same amazing blend of essential oils as Jules' Amazing Relief Cream, this comes in a handy roll-on that you can throw in your bag or pocket for relief on-the-go. Smells amazing also (lemongrass is the primary smell).  

  • use before and after exercise on known problem areas
  • apply to hands, wrists, shoulders, and neck after long hours on the computer
  • apply to lower back when you have sore/stiff muscles
  • use wherever you have inflamed joints
  • great for crafters or those who work a lot with their hands
  • rub on in the middle of the night or anytime you experience a muscle spasm (charley horse)
  • use for muscle injuries or after surgery to support your body's natural healing process
  • ease the feeling of menstrual cramps
  • rub on legs before bedtime for growing kids
  • use on bug bites or irritated skin to soothe and calm the area

                 …and so much more!

Also available in a stick:  Jules' Amazing Relief Quik Stik

For all over support, try our BCP Oil Blend.  

 To Use: Roll directly on desired area and massage into skin. 

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, essential oil blend (lemongrass, frankincense, copaiba, and marjoram)

10ml blue glass bottle with steel roll-on applicator

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