Enchanter's Secret Rose Water Face Spritzer

Enchanter's Secret Rose Water Face Spritzer

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This is one fabulous skin spritzer! Rose hydrosols are well known to be beneficial to the skin, as are the essential oils in this little bottle of goodness. Spritz this on after cleansing for a burst of freshness; use during your normal skincare routine or any time you need to feel refreshed.  Your skin will look and feel toned and moisturized, while the light rose scent will have you feeling beautiful!

Pairs gorgeously with our Enchanter's Secret Repair & Restore Intensive Facial Serum

Appropriate for dry, normal, or oily skin.

Bonus:  We all know what a toll stress can take on our skin.  The rose hydrosol and essential oils in this toner are known to be calming (helps reduce feelings of stress) and are uplifting to your mood. So spritz a bit on and start your day feeling great! 

To Use: Spray a light mist onto clean face two times a day. Allow to dry naturally. Use under Enchanter's Secret Repair & Restore Intensive Facial Serum or your favorite moisturizer. 

Ingredients: rose hydrosol, aloe vera, witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, essential oil blend (frankincense, helichrysum, copaiba, lavender, and Roman chamomile)

2 fl. oz. reusable blue glass spray bottle

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